• 7th March
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Things I’m Loving for Spring

So this blog is a little bit fitness, a little bit food and a little fashion but def not a little bit country.

As always Pinterest was giving me the scoop on what I should be preparing to buy so I look fab when Spring strikes!

Here are some looks and trends i’m loving right now!

Source: s3.amazonaws.com via Allison on Pinterest <3 the pop of color!

Source: aroomsomewhere.net via Donna on Pinterest - i’m loving the floral prints on skirts, dresses, pants and blouses. Some of it can look like grandma’s couch but a lot of it is quite fabulous.

Source: google.co.nz via Millie on Pinterest - doesn’t this just scream summer! I was reading on the Birchbox blog and they gave three ways to work in neon on your nails and I loooove the idea of having nude on the majority of nails and then giving one nail a pop of color with a bright neon! I’m def trying that out soon.

and finally I think this sums up all my loves for this spring and summer…

Source: decor8blog.com via Tiffany on Pinterest

What fashion trends are you looking forward to purchasing for the spring season?

  • 6th March
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These are a few of my favorite apps…

I literally just sat here for two minutes trying to work different types of apps into the song…yea. fail.

Anyways. At work i’ve made it clear that i’m obsessed and biased when it comes to Apple products. 

Today, I want to talk about my iPhone and my favorite apps, currently on my iPhone I have 115 apps. I have about 50 or so on my iPad (i’ll discuss my fav apps next week for iPad).

Do I use all of them all the time, no, but do I think I need them just in case…yes.

So here are my top 5 fav iPhone apps.

Instagram - duh. In many ways I own an iPhone because you can only get instagram on iOS. I just love jazzy up my plain ol’ camera phone pictures. For instance:

top: blah bottom: ta da! Instagramified (lame name I know but I’m keeping it)

I think the picture says a 1,000 words on why you should get instagram like yesterday…don’t forget to follow me (court2032) if you do! 

CardMunch by LinkedIn - I don’t know about you but when i’m at a conference or networking event, the last thing I want to do is stash a stack of business cards in my pocket, more than likely i’ll lose a few in transit. CardMunch is an awesome solution. You take a photo of said biz card, then people over at LinkedIn will inscribe the information for you, and even let you connect that person on LinkedIn immediately. I mean come on how awesome and easy is that! Try it and you’ll see what I mean!

GMail - I’m not a big fan of the native mail app Apple provides you with on the iPhone, I don’t like that you can’t attach photos directly from that app but rather you have to go to your camera roll and email from there. I downloaded the GMail app right when it came out and I haven’t looked back. The layout is awesome, I love being able to attach right from the email itself, etc. 

FitRadio - I tend to be lazy when it comes to updating my playlists. Sometimes I’ll go for a whole month with the same music and that can get pretty boring. When I heard about FitRadio I was one worried about constant ads since I have the free version. I was also concerned about the choices and genres available. Man was I happily surprised. You can choose from your fav mixes, genres, DJs, and stations. Fitfluential even has a station! I went through a whole workout and the music was fantastic and only a few times you’d hear “Fit Radio” but no annoying ads like Pandora! This is a must try for people who use their iPhone while working out!

FlipBoard - For awhile now I haven’t found the best news aggregate for my iPhone, I was using Feedly for GReader, and basically use twitter to get the rest of my news. Then I heard about FlipBoard, I loved the design/layout of it and decided to give it a try. I personally am obsessed. The news is customized to what social media platforms I use and what news topics I want to read. It updates quite frequently so i’m not looking at the same articles, photos and tweets over and over throughout the day. It’s definitely a must try if you haven’t already.

And that’s how Courtney sees it.

Let me know if you already use these apps or are going to try any of them out! AND if you think I’m missing out on an app let me know I <3 apps!

  • 3rd March
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Roll up…

So i’m not sure if i’ve mentioned i’m on Weight Watchers on this blog. If not well surprise I am, If I have forgive me for being redundant.

Anyways Saturdays are my weigh in, did well this week considering I was in Disney eating so many delicious treats and meals!

About a month ago someone came up with the idea to share a three month tracker and every week someone new would get it, she called it a good luck charm because whoever had it usually lost weight.

This week I decided to take it, I must say it’s quite interesting to see the eating habits of the people who had it before me.

After the WW meeting we headed to our weekly breakfast place called the Silo and I decided to get a short stack of the banana nut pancakes…delish

I got a short stack and could only eat one, it was ginormous! Of course I took the other one home for breakfast tomorrow!! 

My mom wanted to get a mani so she had to twist my arm and I decided to get a gel manicure for the first time, my mom can’t stop raving about the one she got three or so weeks ago.

you can’t see them but there is some sparkle in the color and I just love it! I usually don’t go for dark purple but i decided to go for something different and I luuuurve!

Today I bring you a recipe I did awhile ago. I was inspired by Roni @ Greenlitebites she did a ham and cheese rollup with crescent rolls and I immediately had the urge to recreate it.

Now i’m not a fan of ham but I am a big fan of the turkey, apple and brie combo!

Turkey, Apple & Brie Crescent Roll Ups
Inspired by Green Lite Bites Ham & Cheese Crescent Rolls

2oz of deli-sliced turkey
2 tbsp of Cremme de Brie (I use the Alouette brand)
1 Apple thinly sliced
1 can of reduced fat crescent rolls (I used a Hannaford brand)

As you can see I just laid of the crescent rolls spread a bit a brie cheese on each, added a slice or two of turkey, and a slice or two or apple and rolled it up.

Put it in the oven for 10-12 at 375* and you are left with a toasty, savory delicious, not your average sandwich for lunch or dinner! 

Now for points wise you could have 3 of them for 10 Points+ — add a side salad and you’ve got a complete meal.

Its 44 degrees and sunny out so I think I may venture out on a short run to see how my legs are feeling! 

Have a fab Saturday!

  • 1st March
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Now I Know my ABC’s…..

So I was catching up on some blogs during lunch at work and stumbled upon one that featured a survey type thing called ABCs…Since i’m trying to be consistent with this blog I figured this would be a fun thing to post about when I don’t have too much to talk about.

So here it goes..

Age: 24.

Bedsize: Fit for a Queen ;).
Chores that you hate: Cleaning anything…
Dogs:  Lula Belle and Jimmies, both bichon frises
Essential start to your day:  A workout or coffee
Favorite color: navy blue
Gold or Silver: silver
Height: 5’5
Instruments you play: air geetar
Job title: New Media and Press Coordinator/Owner of 2032 Media
Kids: negative ghost writer
Live: Upstate NY
Mother’s Name: Antonette aka Toni aka Mommmmmiiieee
Nicknames: Weaves, Court, Madam Deborah (good times), 2032
Overnight hospital stays: when I was born
Pet peeves: dead iphone battery, baby joggers in races
Quote from a movie or tv show: “I never drank the kool aid, i’m here to win” - the West Wing
Right or Lefty:  Righty.
Siblings: Younger sister, Caitlan
Time you wake up: either 5am or 6:30am, weekends all bets are off
Underwear: welp this is awkward
Vegetable you hate: non roasted/grilled/cooked tomatoes
What makes you run late: over sleeping
X-Rays You’ve Had: fell in a muddy hole thought I broke my ankle
Yummy food you make: strawberry spinach salad or turkey mexican delight or cake balls
Zoo Animal: elephant
Hope you enjoyed!
  • 29th February
  • 29

Run Like a Princess

Hello!!! I ran away for a couple days the happiest most magical place on earth…aka Walt Disney World.

I conquered all four parks, ran 13.1 miles and got to meet some fabulous people in the running/social media world. All in all it was an amazing 4 days.

Our first full day was jammed pack, it started bright and early at 5:30am where we headed over to Epcot to participate in a #runDisney social media meet up. 

We met members of the runDisney team, Rachel Booth two time winner of the Disneyland Half, Jeff Galloway word class runner and inventor of the Galloway (run/walk) method. We also met the editor-in-chief of Fitness Magazine and Suzy Favor-Hamilton who competed in the ‘92, ‘96, and ‘00 Olympics.

We had the choice to run with Rachel or Jeff and obvi I picked Jeff. It was an awesome two mile run/walk through the World Showcase in Epcot. After the run we met up in Germany and had a breakfast and a chance to pose questions to Jeff, Rachel, Suzy and more! It was truly an amazing experience. Bonus I got to meet RunCourtRun, a fab fitness blogger and Disney fanatic not to mention has the best name ever :)

After the meet up we went to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios and had the best time ever.

Saturday was a day of relaxation, we went to Cape May Cafe and ate a wonderful breakfast and met some characters!

Sunday was D-day, my third half marathon, my third Disney Princess 1/2!

I finished 25 minutes faster than last year (note to self: training makes a world of a difference!!!) 

After the half marathon I took a life changing nap and we headed to the parks to celebrate our race and last day in Florida!

Overall it was a fabulous experience with one of my best friends in one of my most favorite places.

I want to give a shout out to the runDisney team and thank them for the amazing experience on Friday. It was beyond my wildest expectations!

AND Congratulations are in order to Rachel Booth…now the first time ever Coast to Coast Champion. She won the 2012 Disney Princess Half and the 2012 Disneyland Half! 

I love Disney races so much that I’m going to be running the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon in November as well! If you want to run a half marathon or even marathon I totally suggest a Disney race. The experience is one of a kind and never gets old! 

  • 21st February
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Why I started running…

I get these questions - “You run? When did you start that?” - often when I tell people i’ll be completing my third half marathon next Sunday!

Let’s see…it was a balmy Monday morning I wanted to shed some el bees so I said hey why not torch them on the treadmill. I started with the Couch to 5k program and the rest is history.

Do I love running? I love/hate running. I love the endorphins, the power I get from training and the sense of accomplishment but running and I have been frenemies for quite some time. In high school I would beg my coaches not to run - I was a goalie I never saw the point in long running when all I needed was agility and good eye hand coordination!

So I graduated high school, went to college, ate my weight in midnight snacks, gained weight and here enters my funny relationship with running!

but I digress..

After I got comfortable with the 5k I decided to train for a half marathon…the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I mean come on any excuse to go to Disney is a good one…am I right?!

March 2010 

Now of course you may expect the story to go…and then I was bit with the running bug and ran 50 kajillion marathons…yea sorry no.

I was offered an amazing opportunity to join a gubernatorial campaign in CT….late nights, early mornings ensued and I decided that getting up to get another slice of pizza or bottle of beer was good enough exercise…

Cut to February 2011

The only photo of the race, why you ask? because it was agonizing, I didn’t train for it at all and I paid the price…

Now here am I…i’ve trained, not the way I trained my first time around, still trying to get my running rhythm back but i’m confident i’ll do better than last year.

I will say this… I found a constant in running, it is always there, whether on the road or on the treadmill. You can depend on it. It won’t judge you on how you feel, what you’re thinking and whether or not your too slow. You can just leave it all on the road and that it’s ridiculously freeing.

I hate waking up early and getting out of my warm bed but I love getting my legs going and i’m never disappointed that I went out and tried.

  • 20th February
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Happy President’s Day! Who’s your fav President?

On Thursday, I’m off to Disney on a 6:10 flight and I could not be more excited. So all my posts will most likely be Disney related. Woot!

For those of you on Pinterest you may often see Disneybound outfit inspirations from all the wonderful characters. It’s quite awesome. I wanted share some of my favs with you!

Source: disneybound.tumblr.com via Angie on Pinterest

Definitely check out Disneybound! Who knows you may be inspired to recreate one of these outfits!

  • 19th February
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Thank you!

I wanted everyone to know that I SURPASSED my goal of $200 for my Donor Dask 10k for Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness.

For those of you that donated and shared my cause…thank you thank you thank you!!!!

I’m so excited to run this race for this amazing cause and with my fabulous friends!

If you haven’t donated and would like to you can do so right here! $5 goes a long way!

  • 19th February
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Sunday Funday

This Sunday is extra special because I don’t have to go into work tomorrow. No Sunday night blues this week! And then next Sunday will be ever more amazeballs because I will have run my 3rd half marathon in Disney!

If you’ve noticed this little blog has been silent for the past few days…unfortunately I had this gnarly cold that got worse with time but i’d like to say i’m 98% better minus a little cough and sniffle!

Today I usually give a little social media nugget for you to try out this week at work…so here it is!

I’ll admit I liked the potential of QR codes, I thought what a great way to get someone to visit your site or promotion right then and there. Now that premise is still great and all but in reality QR codes are just slapped on anything and everything. I read somewhere that only a small percentage of Americans actually know what a QR code is. So if you’re trying to attract a large audience you won’t get it with QR codes alone. I think Scott from Unmarketing does a fantastically funny job of showing why there are useless for many.

I’m off to shop to celebrate our past Presidents by jumpstarting this economy by spending all my money! That’s what they would have wanted…I know my man George W. Bush totally knows what i’m saying :)


  • 14th February
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And the winner is…

Adele and all the single ladies. Why you ask?

Well because Adele sweeped the Grammy’s

see here: 

and it’s Happy Single Awareness day

see here:

What’s better than doing whatever you want on a day when everyone else has lame plans with generic flowers and candy!

In other news, I’m obsessed with Polyvore and was inspired by today…

Single and Fabulous
You’ve got your LBD, your P.O.C (pop of color) and some fab accessories and nails…go out and get your man…or go out and dance…whatever you do you’re gonna look amazeballs.
i’m done talking…back to my trashy reality tv. buh bye.